Payment Policy

What Does Our Payment Policy Incorporate?

Online tutoring is an excellent technique to increase your confidence and complete your assigned tasks with the necessary learning strength. Counselling lays the groundwork for primary student's future educational brilliance in reading and numeracy, while My Uni Papers consolidates learning and effectively prepares pupils for academic projects.

Please note that the price structure is intended for students who get regular tutoring at educational institutions. For one-off, group, tertiary, and specialty tuition, as well as a full list of tuition add-ons, please check our "Other" pricing option.

Mode of Payment on Our Site

  • All amounts, costs of services, and benefits are in Australian Dollars.
  • The Australian Dollar is the monetary component for My Uni Papers Wallet.
  • We accept payments in all major governmental currencies, including the United States dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar (CAD), British pound sterling (GBP), European Union euro (EU), UAE dirham, Singapore dollar, Indian rupees (INR), and Malaysian ringgit.
  • You are welcome to pay for our services in a currency other than those specified here.

Tax on services

All costs and amounts shown on the website for our services are exclusive of any applicable taxes. According to the government directive, you will be charged an extra 18% service fee on all payments. Your invoice will include the tax that was applied.

Methods of Payment

We employ a variety of payment channels and online payment intermediaries to make things easier for our customers. You may use any of the payment methods available on the website. Please get in touch with our customer service via any effective communication system or email us at contact@myunipapers.co.uk to make payments using methods other than those listed on our websites, such as Online Wallets.

Partial Payment

We don’t accept payments in instalments or partial payments in any way. You may reserve a slot/expert by paying a percentage of your payment; but, our professional obligations will be fulfilled only once we receive the whole billed amount.

Duplicate Payment

If you have paid for your transaction more than once, please email us the receipts of both purchases at contact@myunipapers.co.uk. We will authenticate the same at our end and reimburse the extra money paid by you within 3-4 business days of your refund policy being approved.

Payment Failure

If you are unable to make payments online on our website, please send a snapshot of the issue to contact@myunipapers.co.uk. We will analyse the issue to the best of our ability and will work to resolve it as quickly as feasible. We cannot guarantee that such difficulties will be resolved since the underlying reasons may be many and largely beyond our control, such as sluggish internet access on your end, outages at Bank Gateways, and credit card-related issues.

Payment Help Desk

If you have a disagreement or need a resolution regarding your internet banking, please email us at contact@myunipapers.co.uk. You can also increase your pay by emailing us at contact@myunipapers.co.uk.

Cancellation Policy

We process and address cancellation requests under the following terms & conditions:

  • You may cancel your order up to 24 hours after placing it. After then, no cancellation requests will be entertained.
  • If you make a withdrawal request within 180 minutes (3 hours) of completing your order, we will deduct 25% of the order value from your pay.
  • Suppose you submit a cancellation notice after 180 minutes (3 hours) and up to 24 hours of placing your order. In that case, we will execute it with a 50% reduction from the total order amount, and we will deliver the additional money to you. The necessary deductions are made from the operating expenditures and expert fees.

We will not accept cancellation requests after 24 hours since you placed the order.

Privacy Policy

We are Anonymous We Are Legion; You Can Trust US!

This privacy notice (the "Privacy Notice") is intended to inform you about our procedures for collecting, using, and leaking information that you may supply via this web (the "Platform").

This Privacy Notice (together with our Terms and Conditions) describes how we process any personal information we acquire from you or submit to us. Check the following carefully to learn about our policies and procedures regarding your data and how we will handle it.

Why are we saying that your data is safe and secure with us? It is just because we know the purview of secrecy and are aware of all the Terms and Conditions offered by the search engines.

What information do we gather about you, and for how long do we keep it?

The additional data about you may be collected and processed by us:

When you use our Portal, you enter our Online Tutoring, Academic Assistance, or Counselling services.
You can connect us through our Portal with the following details:

1. Your Name.
2. Specified Domain or a Subject Name.
3. Email Address
4. Specified Date
5. Hours of Session

We understand that your privacy is important when using our services. To safeguard the security of your personal information, My Uni Papers has outlined the privacy policy that you must go through.
The following are some other noteworthy points:

  • Within the company, all user information is kept private. These details are not shared with any third party.
  • Your personal information is mainly used to interact with you about orders placed with us and to keep you informed of significant changes to our Service.
  • Our tutors will not have access to your information and vice versa. Its objective is to safeguard the privacy of both customers and staff...
  • Payment information connected to debit/credit cards is kept private during every activity on our services.
  • According to the statutory provisions that govern internet payments, we assure 100 per cent legal compliance duties and utilise payment systems that are genuine and confirmed. When you make an online payment for our services, we do not know the checking account credentials.

Automated Data Transact By Us

When you visit or use our website or transact with us, we automatically gather certain relevant data about you, such as:

  • We obtain data such as the type of browser you're using, access times, pages accessed, your IP address, and the referral link you used to get to our site.
  • When you sign up for a tutoring session, we gather information about the transaction, including the type or nature of Tutoring offered and the day and time of the mentoring session. To provide students with a good environment, we have stored recorded videos of tutoring sessions.

Why Do We Ask For Your Information?

Within the firm's digital foundation, all user information is kept private and protected. We only utilise it for a range of commercial goals, such as analysing and improving the services we provide to our moral obligations.
The following are limited to:

  • Management of data and profiles
  • Interacting with you about our services' discounts, offers, and coupons
  • When you acquire one or more services, we process your money and financial information.
  • Keeping you up to date on your membership, our services, and corporate policies
  • You are invited to register for upcoming events and workshops
  • Improving an existing service or creating a new one
  • Increasing the internal teams' targeted quality output
  • Keeping your identity protected and avoiding fraud are two of the most important things you can do
  • After-sales services are available to you.
  • Taking your input and conducting surveys
  • After receiving your approval, we will display reviews and feedback about our services together with your name
  • Offering contests, prizes, and other promotions that may need registration
  • You may be asked to provide additional information related to your name, email, and contact information if you choose to participate. In the future, we will use your information to provide you with personalisation.

Please feel free to approach us if you have any issues with this Privacy Policy or this Site by clicking here and emailing us at contact@myunipapers.co.uk.

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Cookies Policy

What is a Cookie? Why is it important? Is it significant for a website?

A cookie policy specifies which data is tracked, why it is tracked, and where it is delivered. Additionally, it offers information on how users may adjust their cookie settings or opt-out of cookies.

My Uni Papers has chosen to include a cookie policy as a critical component of our privacy statement. It utilises cookies for a variety of purposes, including logging you into the student portal, ensuring your security, safeguarding your identity, and authenticating your access to our website.

The user's settings and preferences assist us in determining the purpose of their visit to our website. We use cookies to collect information about how users engage with our services, such as which pages they read and which buttons they click. Additionally, it enables us to send tailored information and relevant offers. We were initially set up to allow cookies; however users may now change their browsers to reject all cookies. If cookies are deactivated, some of our services and features may become inactive or may cease to operate.

Cookies are necessary for us to provide our services to users and to provide an uncomplicated user experience. It ensures the security of users' accounts, provides 100% protection for website surfing, and helps prevent fraud.

Where Can I Find Privacy Options?

It is entirely up to users whether to accept or reject our cookies. If users want to remove or enable cookies, they should open their browser on their computer and follow the procedures below –

For Computer –

  • Open the preferred browser on your computer.
  • Hit 'More' 'Settings'.
  • Now, from "Privacy and security," choose the settings to turn off.
  • Then, click Site Settings to control the content and permissions for a site.
  • Click the Clear Browsing data option to erase all your information like cookies, history, or saved passwords.

Do remember that declining cookies may result may make the website navigation grim. We always keep updating our cookies policies from time to time. Hence, we will display changes in the cookie's policy here.

Note: My Uni Papers is not answerable to personally notify our users about policy changes.

Have questions regarding cookie policy? Please write to us at contact@myunipapers.co.uk.

Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures

Academic Integrity entails overcoming obstacles and adhering to some core values: trust, honesty, respect, fairness, and accountability. As the top online tutoring website, we condemn impersonation and provide our customers with exceptional academic help. We are certain that university education should not be overburdened! Our primary objective is to aid students in their academic endeavours. Our online tutors take care of all academic problems, which mean they do enough research and compile it for students to utilise as a reference.

Indeed, we have world-class online tutors with extensive knowledge and resources who assists learners in readily comprehending difficult subjects. Our primary purpose is to assist university students in comprehending difficult topics.

We value and adhere to a high standard of Integrity and expect our users to do the same. We take appropriate disciplinary action against those who violate academic integrity regulations. By accepting our rules, users agree to abide by our terms of service, the 1968 Copyright Act, and our Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

Strong commitment towards Academic Integrity…
At My Uni Papers , we understand that academic Integrity is more than just an issue that impacts a student's career. We acquaint that academic Integrity is vital to the whole educational community, including teachers, students, coordinators, researchers, administrators, and online tutors.

We adhere to the academic Integrity aligned with the TEQSA 2015 (the National Regulatory Body for Australian Higher Education Institutions).
It includes the following – 1. Exceptional consideration is given to rules that promote and preserve academic and research integrity, as well as policies and procedures for dealing with charges of misconduct. 2. Take actions to soften predictable risks towards the research and Academic Integrity. 3. Educate and advise scholars on what constitutes academic misconduct. Additionally, impart information about the establishment of sound procedures and the proper conduct of research and academic integrity.

With the assistance of our educational services, we reiterate our opposition to academic misconduct. The services provided on this site do not violate any academic or research policy. To preserve integrity and honesty, we accept and waive the Australian Higher Education Standards Framework (TEQSA 2015).

For further queries, please connect with us at contact@myunipapers.co.uk.

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